Dubai Facility Moves Toward Sustainable Future

Dubai Facility Moves Toward Sustainable Future

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and support the company's core value of sustainability, the Caterpillar facility in Dubai recently installed 1200 microgrid solar panels. This hybrid photovoltaic installation should produce 237 megawatt hours of clean energy annually for the next 25 years — generating much of the facility's energy needs over that time period.

Project Details

Energy produced during the day either will be stored and consumed by the facility or fed to the government-owned utility grid through a bidirectional meter. In times of high power consumption, the Caterpillar facility will source its additional energy needs from the grid. When power consumption is light, the facility's solar-generated power will supplement the city's grid, reducing energy costs.

Cat Technology and Competitive Advantage

Caterpillar worked closely with local Cat dealer Al Bahar to leverage technologies best suited for the Dubai facility, including:

  • Cat® Thin-Film Photovoltaic Modules: With cell efficiency of approximately 16 percent, these modules offer a proven performance advantage over crystalline silicon modules. A superior temperature co-efficient and better spectral response deliver an additional nine percent annual energy yield compared to conventional modules in Dubai's hot, humid conditions.
  • Cat Connect Technology: The entire installation is connected to monitoring technology, which delivers real-time updates on performance and health. Al Bahar will dispatch technicians to resolve any issues that occur.
  • Frameless Cat Modules: Dirty panels can lose up to 50 percent of their efficiency. Frameless modules greatly improve ease of cleaning and maintenance — critical in a region like Dubai where sand storms and dusty winds are frequent.

As the region continues to move toward more sustainable energy practices, including solar energy, the Dubai facility should serve as an ideal site for regional microgrid training. Located just meters away, Caterpillar's Dubai Learning Center can conduct hands-on training in installing and servicing Cat solar modules.

Situated in a region that enjoys 365 days of sun each year, Caterpillar's Dubai facility is well-positioned to take advantage of its position in the middle of the global sunbelt. The new solar installation is an investment in tomorrow, well in line with Dubai's goal to generate 75 percent of the city's electricity usage from clean energy.

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