Next Generation of Team Caterpillar in Africa

Next Generation of Team Caterpillar in Africa

Even on vacation, Emmanuel Techie and Desmond Konadu are committed to making a difference in their home country of Ghana. While visiting friends and family, the two U.S.-based Caterpillar engineers spoke with more than 1,500 students about Caterpillar's Technicians for Africa program. Discover why they're passionate about this initiative and Caterpillar's Africa Business Resource Group (ABRG), which works to educate students about Caterpillar and build a sustainable, local pipeline of technicians in the region.

What motivates you to take on this challenge?

Desmond: For me, it’s the love and the passion to see Caterpillar succeed in Africa. Currently, only one in six African students is likely to enroll in STEM education, and we know the continent is expected to have the largest labor force by 2040. With it comes tremendous growth potential for Caterpillar. As a fellow African, I feel that STEM education needs to be at the forefront to realize this potential for both its people and Caterpillar’s future business.

Emmanuel: My passion is to see Caterpillar win in Africa, while demonstrating our corporate social responsibility in the continent where we do business. As the enterprise continues to bring its manufacturing footprint strategy into Africa, starting to build a strong, local, skilled technician talent pool today will be a critical success factor. I also have a desire to help less fortunate African youth get educated and trained for a chance to live productive lives. And doing so with an opportunity to give back to my country of birth, Ghana, and alma mater, Tema Technical Institute, is my motivation.

For those of us who are not able to travel to Africa, how can we help?

Emmanuel: In addition to using our vacation time to visit with students, we have been working to collect laptops, computers and other classroom technology to donate to schools in Africa. These devices will allow students greater access to complete the Technicians for Africa program. If you have items to donate, please contact us.

Emmanuel and Desmond's story is just one example of how ABRG members make meaningful impacts beyond their regular jobs. To learn more about business resource groups and employee resource groups, visit and find out how you can get involved.

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